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Born in 1976 in Ankara, Burak Gözalan is a graduate of Cagaloglu Anadolu High School and Istanbul University Economy department.
During his college years, he started his career at Turkey office of Dun&Bradstreet, the owner of well known credit rating agency Moody's. During his 5 years in this firm, Gözalan worked in a range of positions from being a financial analyst up to an assistant sales and marketing manager.
In 2003, he decided to stop working as a sector professional and setup his first company, Ajans Yirmiyedi. Serving in the communication sector, Ajans Yirmiyedi was joined by Pure New Media in 2006, one of the most significant digital communication agencies today. Throughout the years, Gözalan has won several awards thanks to the successful works created by his agencies.
He entered the game industry in 2012 and took part as a founding partner in 3 game production companies. Gözalan added the game publisher Lokum Games to these production companies in 2014. The latest ring in his rapid investment chain is, also dating to 2014.
Burak Gözalan is currently acting as an executive partner in communication industry with his digital communication agency (Pure New Media), event agency (Think), interactivity agency (Büyük Ayı), PR agency (Paprika), and production firms serving in gaming industry MadByte Games, IZE Gaming, Elite Game Studio, and publisher Lokum Games.

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