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Pool Elite & World Champion Mr. Magic (Semih Sayginer)

The Collaboration was announced recently with world champion Semih "Mr. Magic" Saygıner and Pool Elite, which is developed by a subsidiary of Ingame Group, the Elite Game Studio.

The press conference was held in Sofa Hotel Istanbul, where one of the founding members of ingame group Tuncay Büyükoğlu stated;

"The new address for digital billiards games enthusiasts Pool Elite, aims to be the top among other Facebook billiard games. It was apparent that the Semih Saygıner, known by almost all billiards fans worldwide is the right name for us. Because we think globally we signed a most valued 5 year collaboration contract with Mr. Saygıner. The game is right now, on the top 5 of Facebook's pool games. More than 400.00 people from 150 countries play our game at least on monthly basis. In two years we aim to be one of the top 2 pool game on facebook. Mr. Saygıner supported us and guided us with his extensive knowledge of billiards, while we were developing the game. We made Pool Elite to be a most realistic 3D billiards sim. With multiple language support you can now play the game in English, Turkish, Thai and Korean. With its cross platform capabilities the game will be able to enjoyed on Android, IOS devices. The game is also very suitable for E-Sports."

Also giving info about the growing Turkish gaming industry, Büyükoğlu added "In 6-7 years Turkish games market has grown considerably large, going over 300 million dollars in size. Büyükoğlu has also underlined that the game industry is even bigger than the total sum of all music and cinema industries!"

After him, "Mr Magic" Saygıner took the stage and said;

"The collaboration between a globally famous Turkish sportsmen and a company that has global aims is very important. This collaboration has a special meaning for me as I signed this deal at the same time I decided to return to professional play. I helped the team while they are working on the physics, making the balls behave like as much as the real things. At the end we are proud of our game. In the near future we will announce Pool Elite tournaments that digital billiards enthusiasts can participate. I'm really happy to be the brand name for a game like this." Mr Saygıner also said "This game had given him a new joy with his decision to return to professional play."

He ended the press conference with a little billiards show demonstrating how realistic the physics of the game so that he can make his signature moves both in-game and on the table.

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