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Pool Elite TV Interview A Haber Digital Age

Pool Elite, one of the fastest growing games on Facebook caught the attention of mainstream media in Turkey and was featured in Digital Çağ, a technology documentory program in A Haber, one of the most prominent news networks in Turkey.

The reporter and her crew came to visit in our office and had an interesting interview with Özgur Soner, the co-founder of Elite Game Studio and Executive Producer of the Pool Elite.

Özgür gave introduced the game personally and gave some interesting data about the game. Here are some interesting points of the interview; - Cross platform experience. You can play online with your tablet using friends with your pc and vice versa.

- With more than 750.000 monthly users, we are now in top 4 among other pool games in just 4 months!

- The game is played in 207 countries worldwide with %80 of the players are from outside of Turkey

- Totally 3d, and with realistic physics.

- Semih Saygıner, world champion helped us a lot with the realistic physics, he is also the brand face of Pool Elite.

- The game is unique among other pool games because it includes 3d graphics and many Billiard game modes such as carom, 3 cushion, 8 ball, 9 ball, and snooker. Also you can play in different kind of venues like Mansion, Skylounge and English Pub

- 1100 concurrent users!

- Özgür played live with a random opponent a certain Luis from switzerland to demonstrate the game.

- Özgür also talked about the financial model of the game. Ephesizing the game is free to play with ingame shop that the players can buy billiards items like cue sticks and accessories if they want.

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