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Ingame Group, made an impressive quick entrance on the fast growing Turkish game market. made an interview with Tuncay Büyükoğlu, one of the co-founders of Ingame Group on the subjects of the groups investments, about the games that are currently being produced by the member companies right now, and his aims and visions about the future of the industry and its been released on's website.

Tuncay said;

"Turkish game industry is estimated to amount 400 million dollars and it is growing 10% annually. As a country that has reached 25 million gamers we have to grow faster. In order to reach the levels that we want is only possible through increasing local content production. So we as Ingame Group seek to feed the industry with local content and help it to gain more dynamism and more depth. Currently, casual games, online games and mobile games are in our scope and in time we will be producing and publishing games for all platforms including gaming consoles."

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