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China Joy 2014

As Ingame Group we were in China Joy 2014 the biggest digital entertainment expo, not only in Asia but with recent proceedings the largest in the world, as exhibitors in the B2B (Business to Business) area.

This years China Joy broke the world record as more than 250.000 visitors, which is a 21,6% increase since last year, came to see more than 1000 products of 500 different companies including industry giants such as Microsoft, Sony, Google and Blizzard.

The expo was huge! Spanning 100.000 square meters with 26.000 square meters were exclusive for B2B area. Trade volume exceeded 250 million dollars which is more than 14% increase since last year.

Even with so many products, our flagship titles Zula with its middle eastern flavor and Pool Elite with its unique style stood aside from so many quality Asian products and drew so much attention from a lot of Asian publishers.

The biggest attraction of this year's expo was mobile games of course, since the numbers show us in the first 6 months of 2014, Chinese mobile games players exceeded 330 million! That is an increase of 89,5%. But also as Reuters states; ChinaJoy offered domestic mobile-game developers a platform to tap into European and Middle Eastern markets. So we can easily say as the sole representative both as developer and publisher from Turkey, Ingame Groups' was one of the most active and live booths in the B2B area! We made strong connections with a lot of global and local publishers who are aware of the fact that if the would like to tap the Mena region they would have to cooperate with local publishers.

Also, we have been able to visit our good friends, outsourcing contacts from China and strengthen our already good relationships. We must say China Joy 2014 was very fruitful for Ingame Group after all. Even more than our expectations!

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