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InGame Group has Global Targets (Interview)

Webrazzi had previously introduced Ingame Group, the umbrella brand for four local, separete but tight knit corporations that aim to go global. Now, Fırat Demirel of Webrazzi interviews Tuncay Büyükoğlu one of the founders of Ingamegroup about the organizations future and generally what they are up to.

In the interview, Tuncay told the origin story of the group, and how the children companies benefit from collaboration in terms of know how and resources, because of their close physical proximity.

Giving some info about the separetely developed projects of these sister companies, Tuncay also mentioned about growth plans of Ingame group stating that they are planning to add 20 more employees to their current 30, reaching 50 by the end of the year, and many more by 2015, in which they are planning to reach 100 employees.

The Interview follows with very important gems of information from Tuncay, to investors and developers who are keen to enter this fast growing industry. He states that timing is right for the industry and he says "I believe, those who analyse the market and the ecosystem of the industry correctly, and comes with the right products in time will go far."

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