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G-Star 2014

G-Star 2014, Korea’s largest and the world’s third largest game exhibition started on Thursday in Busan, with the slogan “Game Is Not Over.” And we saw it won't be over any time soon.

The 10th anniversary of the exhibition drew 617 game companies from 35 countries including us the Ingame Group from Turkey, proud to be recognized by a lot of Asian game companies after the intense interest we received in China Joy! The number of visitors this year exceed 220,000 and could surpassed even the Tokyo Game Show this year. Which is a pleasantly surprising record number of participants! Especially when you think about the last years somewhat poor attendances. This year also had another record - 1,397 booths were set up in the 26,000-square-meter (280,000-square-foot) hall. You can imagine that we were quite busy.

Our beautifully placed booth with roll ups of Semih Saygıner and Zula's good/bad guy Demir drew lots of attention. There were insane amount of meeting requests from a lot of Asian companies which we tried to indulge as much as we can. Our schedule was full from Thursday morning to the Sunday evening! A lot of these meetings were about exporting our games to Asian markets and almost every single one of them was very fruitful. Also we made a lot of valuable outsourcing contacts.

Mobile version of Pool Elite also made an entrance to the mobile sports games scene. Although just being the first alpha version it drew a lot of attention. A lot of industry professionals tried the game hands on and were in awe of the massive scale of game depth and possibilities, yet remaining so lightweight impressed them the most.

Zula also received a lot of praise because of its unique concept, looks and detailed gameplay mechanics. Asia seems to be tired of the same old concepts in fps games and Zula was received as an exotic new game. Many companies were interested in Zula saying that mafia themed fps would be a huge success in some regions like South America and Southeast Asia.

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